Home Decoration Ideas Tips and Tricks To Apply For Bigger Living Room Styles

Tips and Tricks To Apply For Bigger Living Room Styles


Here are living room styles that can be applied in your living room with ease. Surely with these tips, you will have bigger, comfortable, and enjoyable living room.

Living Room Styles

1. Use white or cream-colored paint

Choose neutral colors. Neutral colors like white or cream are advisable living room with a small size because the white color gives impression of spacious and clean. Besides, it psychologically also gives a neat and not cluttered and cramped looking. You can apply the white color as the dominant color of the walls or the furniture itself.

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2. Avoid dark colors

Never replace the black for small-sized room. That is because the black color can give the effect of a narrow, dark and stuffy.

3. Put furniture into cupboard

A large number of furniture in the house will result in the living room more cluttered and cramped. Therefore put furniture that you have into the cupboard to avoid the impression of cluttered and cramped. Especially for small-sized room, cluttered effect could increase many fold impression that narrow.

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4. Put the mirror

Usual things done for decorating small rooms is to put a mirror in order to have a visual effect is greater than the reality.

5. Select small size furniture

Choose designs and types of furniture with a small size and with a minimalist model. This is the main thing that should be chosen because the design of furniture that is too large will make your living space more cramped and claustrophobic. Furniture with simple size with neutral colors like white with brown color combination on the coffee table, will give a broader impression in the living room. You also add a wall decoration with motifs huge frame to sweeten the living room.

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Above are living room styles to appear bigger that you can apply to your own. Hopefully, those will be beneficial for you.

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