The Best Tips to Arrange Living Room Suites

One thing quite confusing for many people is in terms of arrangement and decoration for living room. Homeowners also may be confused when trying to set the layout of the living room. Surely the living room is required to always look beautiful as well as comfortable because the room also represents how the whole house. Below are the best tips to arrange living room suites:

How to arrange living room suites

1. Sofa or armchair?

This may be a little bit confusing for some people. It depends on you whether you want to use sofa or armchair. Cramped living room is recommended to use the sofa rather than an armchair. Sofa is able to accommodate more people than the armchair which tends to consume lot of space. For L-shaped sofa, place the sofa in the corner of the room right in front of the wall. You do not need to provide space between the walls of the sofa so just stick with sofa straight wall so as to save space. One sofa can also be placed near the window.

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2. Table settings

Coffee table can be placed in front of the couch or in the middle of the room like most living rooms in general. Because the most important note to the living room which is kind of small or narrow table that is used. Choose a table with a simple model can be a box-shaped wooden table or using a minimalist glass table.

3. Accessories

The placement of accessories in the living room also needs to be considered properly. If you want to use decorative table lamps, place the lamps beside the sofa. Or if in the living room there is a TV table, you can put it on the side. But the lights that should be used to cramped living room are a lamp that hung so it will not take area on the floor. Furthermore, when using painting, the painting should be rather high place behind the sofa. The size of the painting can be customized with a spacious living room in your home.

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Those are the best tips to arrange living room suites. Hopefully the above tips are helpful to try.

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