20+ Ideas For Living Room Wall Decoration With Simple Tricks

Ideas For Living Room Wall Using Easy Stuff

Decorating  living room can be a tricky job as it should fill all of the aspects from the furniture, corner, including walls. For small living room either the big one have certain tricks. We cannot but anything we love at the store and place it inside your living room. In case you only need for short conversation and ignore the home principle; comfy place. But when we talk about walls, yes this item is a minor factor to discuss, but can change your living room look dramatically! Believe it or not, as you place super expensive couches without any decoration on the wall will be nothing. There are ideas for living room wall to adapt, though, but keep in mind you find the one that matches with your homestyle!

Ideas for decorating living room wall

Decorating the wall by playing with colors

If you are brave enough to play some color palettes, the try it! Instead of playing safe colors like white, bring another into your living room will be much better. If you are not so sure to pick the palette, the blue is the most natural to combine with white and furniture. For other choices, you can try the gray or beige. These ideas for living room tend to be more popular to the ones who have no time.

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Utilize the furniture in different roles

Another trick about ideas for living room to include is the sleek bath chart to function as a side table or your minibar. You can stock food and beverage on it. There are many ideas to decorate a living room that uses some furniture to be functioned differently.

Another idea for living room decor to apply is using a mirror which will reflect the view. It is best to use the biggest one. For a small living room, the trick is used the most to manipulate the space.

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Add two dimension tiles for the wall

Tiles can be one of your ideas for living room by picking the two dimension tiles. They are easily removed and lightweight as you want to change it.

Stick the oversized photograph

Our last tip is an oversized photograph. Some people prefer the oversized photograph and turn it to be one of their ideas to decorate living room wall. If you have a family photograph, the biggest one that can cover the wall, better to stick it. Murals can be another choice to be your ideas for living room wall collections.

The ideas for living room simply can be created from things you never realized. Try new things and experience with your old stuff! It is fun, though!

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