Living Room Lighting: 20+ Ideas How You Should Set This Right!

Most homeowners will spend their time to pick furniture, accessories and designing the walls. It is worse when they forget to think how to set the living room lighting. They always end up with the super bright lighting and suddenly all of their efforts is nothing and a waste.

One of the principles of decorating a living room is arranging the perfect lighting whether you will chandelier, standing lamp, table lamp or hanging lamp. It is all up to you. Lighting play two important purposes; as the decoration elements and the lighting itself. Using a different kind of lights is considered perfect and always results in better space to see. Somehow, you will need your living room for reading, relaxing, welcoming guest and so on. That is the purpose of living room lighting arrangement you need to know.

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Back on the topic, we get some information from great websites like Houzz and HGTV as we have summarized as follows. Make sure you apply all of the tips.

Setting the right living room lighting

Accent lighting

Lighting is magical and it is even will change the look dramatically. Considering an accent lighting with good adjustment will not create a new troublesome. As you want to highlight other living room features like a fireplace, sofas or the textured walls, the accent lighting adds a great focal point.

Appropriate scale

when you buy the bulky items and combine it with a low lighting scheme, then your room will just be a Halloween party every night. If you create an openwork with a wide screen around the space, be sure to know where you should position your lighting. It is a matter of composition.

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Perfect shades

Mismatching lamp often happened and it is caused by the shades choice and light combination. If you want to light the larger area, the floor lamp will be the better one than the table lamp. However, the floor lamp cannot light the whole space. It works best to your things that are decided as the focal point.

The living room  lighting somehow tricky and need real concern. You should know and try it at the shop before bringing it home so you can wonder how the light will work to your living room.

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