For Tiny Project Only! Here Are Best Apartment Bathroom Plan And Design

The trickiest thing when you have an apartment is how you should concern on the space. In this case, you must have makes everything effective while placing your stuff on the right way to keep everything on comfort. Meanwhile, apartment requires you to have a minimalist design and a small room of course, especially for the bathroom. Therefore, we have a number of apartment bathroom renovations ideas you can pick.

Best Apartment Bathroom Plan And Design

Turning small apartment bathroom plans into reality is a little bit tricky. You will need to consider some aspects including appliances and other stuff. Some aspects should be your concern like as follows:

Paint Something Dramatic in the Bathroom

Be brave to be bold! You can opt for dramatic painting with excellent art like creating Mangala pattern or floral accents to give you different experience during your shower. Meanwhile, this give you a larger feel even though you have small space.

Try New Tiles on the Floor

The hot trend is the black and white so you can make a monochrome style for the bathroom. You can add rug designed fro a bathroom which will not let you slipped. Or, if you want something special, you can choose stones for a natural touch. However, you have to provide an extra bill for this case.

Try The Floating Shelves

Well, this classic way works best for your small bathroom apartment. Place your small things on the hanging shelves installed on the wall.

Standup Shower Instead!

If you have a very small space for a bathroom, then the standup shower will be the best option. It will not eat the space while keeping you feel comfortable during the shower. You can separate the closet and the shower space by using glass wall. Or, you can use a shower curtain for the best shower experience in less effort.

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