25+ Best Kitchen Backsplash Around Window 2016

25+ Best Kitchen Backsplash Around Window 2016

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Installing Kitchen Backsplash Around Window? Don’t Worries!


You get your cabinets and countertop installed. Well, then something is not completed here and you think you miss one thing called the kitchen backsplash around window. Thinking this is not routine to install backsplash around the window. By then you realize you have chosen the wrong idea and try to remodel it next time. You start to think about the kitchen backsplash ideas including kitchen backsplash alternatives like the kitchen backsplash stone, kitchen backsplash mosaic and kitchen backsplash murals. Well, if you fire up your money, then it is ok. But, wait! We think that having the kitchen backsplash around the window is cool! So, we try to draw your options of how to redesign your kitchen.

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Kitchen backsplash around window is about attaching the strip of material to the wall where the countertop sticks on it. The function of this backsplash is to prevent the wall from the splash. Meanwhile, as its function to be the wall protectors and aesthetics, somehow many designers fail to notice some kitchen equipment that is created to solve the gap between the cabinetry and the windows. Therefore, you should make a prevention by protecting the wall around the window.

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Tiles are the best option for making the kitchen backsplash around window. We have a bunch of options with custom tiles which will fit with the gap. Picking the bright tiles or the earth tones are best to blend with the natural atmosphere from the outside. Or, you can greatly have a good appearance with the retro look by mixing the black and white tiles.


While the other materialsof kitchen backsplash around window are too mainstream, then the hardwood may be perfect for you. It is used for the high-end home and easy to install. Just cut and screw to fit with the gap. If you found the wood doesn’t fit, just saw the edge until you get the appropriate form.

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