Home Decoration Ideas 24 kitchen backsplash trends According To experts

24 kitchen backsplash trends According To experts

trends in kitchen backsplash

So, Are There Last Longer kitchen backsplash trends I Can Pick?

Adding kitchen backsplash when remodifying your kitchen is a great idea where it comes to be a focal point. So, is there a kitchen backsplash trends of the moment? The answer is a matter of preference. Some of you might like the kitchen backsplash mosaic, kitchen backsplash stone, kitchen backsplash glass tile and other  trends you want to mix and combine. So, before you want to look at some backsplash trends, we think you need to see some suggestions from some experts.

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According to Lori Caroll, an interior designer told as one of the kitchen backsplash trends today is the travertine, granite or the slate. She sometimes uses wood and metal as the accent tiles rather than playing colors which make the backsplash look dated. Meanwhile, Lisa Elkins, an architect told that the glass tile is more popular and beautiful. It seems to be last longer style. So, when you think about the one which will always be a trend year by year, choose the glass tile. Additionally, supporting what Elkins has explained, Anna Marie Fanelli, a showroom owner, explain further with a mosaic format which surely becomes the kitchen backsplash trends with 4-inch x 12-inch, 12-inch x 12-inch. Also, try to focus on some patterns like water-jet borders. Another advice from an expert is coming from Lori Kirk-Rolley. As a professional from tile industry, adding a decorative element to the backsplash can make a timeless kitchen backsplash.

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So, following the kitchen backsplash trends will need something like how a style can last longer. Considering some models and materials like the experts have shown above will be better. The glass tile with additional decorative element could save you from this problem. But we have some ideas collections you can adapt. You might like some of them!

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