20+ Stunning Formal Living Room Furniture Set

20+ Stunning Formal Living Room Furniture Set

what to do with formal living room and how to decorate formal living room

A formal living room, wherever as we hear formal, there will be something boring and old style look. You might think the same way for the area where the guests and your family gather around for somewhat formal occasion. Meanwhile, the family room is purposed for the more multipurpose area. That is why every home will have these two spaces. However, there should be more spending for designing the room with the formal furniture and the family room. Here are some tips to deal with that stuff.

The difference between formal living room furniture and family room

Both are important and look alike. However, they are different in terms of location, furniture, design and function.

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In terms of location, the formal room is the most spacious area among others which usually will take a complicated design. Your formal living room furniture should fit with the home design and theme. Meanwhile, this formal living room is occupied at the front.


In functionality, it is clear that the family room take more functions which are purposed for relaxing. Some people use it for home office, a place to gather with family, a place where kids playing together and much more. That’s why picking the family room furniture should be based on the purpose of how your family will use the space.

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Picking the furniture will be much easier for some people where the formal living room always comes in one set. The homeowners only need to give a touch of beauty, but it has plenty of storage. On the contrary, the living room should be more flexible and versatile. it should be more comfortable and cozy to stay. The furniture required usually are couches and recliners.

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Anyway, there is always a different way how the way you arrange your house including the formal room and family room. It all depends on your preference. Check our galleries bellow to pick some good inspirations.

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