20+ Kitchen Backsplash Accent For Quick Kitchen Redesign

Having a kitchen remodelling project is supposed to be fun. Yes, everyone will love it as they will have the brand new outlook. However, for some people, remodelling the kitchen will  take several times to do. But still, there is always new solution we can do that intrigue can change the wall dramatically by just making the kitchen backsplash accent. We are all already familiar that this little space of a kitchen can change the look quickly. So, there are many options about the kitchen accent like mosaics, that comes in tiny tiles. Therefore, we try to draw you quick solutions to your dilemma.

So, the kitchen backsplash accent is the real solution to space without major renovations. So, let’s take a look at some accents functions bellow:

  • Functional as a border. Making a border will be great with the accent tiles. You can put it at the two edge of your backsplash, at the top or at the bottom or alternatively on the middle of the backsplash. It will be perfect when you apply the kitchen backsplash accent on the kitchen backsplash subway tile.
  • Functional as a focal point. If you provide a large area for the kitchen backsplash above the stove, then this kitchen backsplash accent can get involved into the design by putting it diagonally. Ensure that you have a different tone to give a great different outlook.
  • Give a different outlook on texture. This is an easy way to put different color while adding texture at the same time. You can place different color in controlled way by scattering some of the tiles
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If you love DIY project, then you need to cut mosaic tiles into the square or another shape if it is possible. Then, make your own kitchen backsplash accent with a careful procedure. For some ideas to be applied, then you need to look at our collections bellow.


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