20+ Japanese Home Decor Living Room Ideas To Try!

Only one word to sum up how the Japanese home decor living room always looks interesting: Culture! Yes, it is peaceful to sit in the modest design, good furniture arrangement and nature brought into the room. It has been thousand years, Japanese home decor for living room never change. Well, it only has some minor improvements due to the modernization influence. However, it always results in good interior designs. As you look at some Japanese movies and you admit you want to apply it to your home design, we have collected some information to spice up the space with these Japanese home decor living room.

Japane Home Decor Living Room Tips

Always Bring The Nature

Japanese people really love the natureĀ  and culture saturation. They respect the kilter, add some spiritual concept and always try to connect with the natural world.

One notable way to do this is placing the plants like bamboo and bonsai. But, keep in mind that the Japanese home design ideas living room always go for simplicity, green and nature. If you have been successfully sticking with these principles, you must create a perfect home decor living room.

Soaking Tubs Come As The Mandatory Items

It is not enough to place the lilliputian plants into your living room. There should be additional feel to bring inside. Yes, it is the soaking tub which will cause a calming effect. Taking the water inside your living room with the sound of bubbles are best. In Japanese culture, this soaking tub is called Ofuro which means a bath. The soaking tubs should be small and deep. Place it with a set of the bench seat. Today, Eastern adopt this style for health purpose.

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Japanese Home Design Living Room Includes Sliding Doors

It is authentic from Japanese home decor living room to have Shoji. Yes, these sliding doors help Japanese people to be more effective to save space. Usually, it is made from translucent paper in the frame made from wood. You can find the modern sliding doors on the internet. Besides, Japanese home design ideas living room never block the natural lights. Like we mentioned before, it has to be close to nature.

Other Elements To Bring: Bamboo and Wood

Instead of thinking about color palette, Japanese home decor living room ideas tend to use bamboo and wood for their interior. Logically, they are perfectly right that those material are the most match to combine with everything without breaking any concept. You can see in our galleries that wood, bamboo, and little plants dominate their home decor for living room. Oh, another perfect style you should try is trying the wooden floor. For a cold place like Japanese, it brings the warmth inside the house.

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Genkan: A notable Entryway To Deal With

This entryway will greet guest and a place where the shoes should be taken off. Japanese people will provide the slippers for the guests. That’s why as you see at some cartoons movie or Yakuza drama, they have Getabako or shelf cabinet to store the shoes.

Well, those are the quick tips to add Japanese style for your home decor living room. Another thing to remember is that Japanese home design ideas living room tend to pick the natural color instead of playing colorful furniture and accessories. They love nature to calm their mind after a heavy duty of the entire day. Natur, culture, and harmonization should be covered into one place. However, there must be professional who knows how to keep your home decor for living room into balance. Simplicity is not easy, though. For other inspiration, we have good pics about home decor living room. Enjoy!

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