Home Decoration Ideas 20+ How To Set Small Living Room Layout Instantly

20+ How To Set Small Living Room Layout Instantly


One of the most prominent part people always notice is the living room design. This room indeed becomes the one that is rarely used, not like the specific room; bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. However, creating a living room layout and make it cozy to stay is the first purpose whether the owner wants to substitute an office, bar, or things that can attract family or guest to stay. The living room should be the place where everyone could gather around after the hard days.

The key feature I always look for when I visit a house is the design, accessories, furniture and layout.

Apart from the main elements, living room layouts will, of course, play an important role. They will lead how you set the furniture, plants, and other accessories.

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How to set small living room layout

Begin with Mirror and Wallpaper

If you have the standard-square size living room layout, then considering to purchase the wallpaper and mirror are good options. It works best for the house with small windows.

A tip to create a larger feel is by place the love seat right on the covered wall and put the small tables to each side of the love seat. Then, against the love seat, place a large ottoman that will take as the coffee table. If it is still possible to put chairs, two small chairs across them will look perfect.

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Make A Focal Point

Small-square space will be better if you set your living room layout wit U-shape. You can create a focal point from A huge frame behind your sofa, big screen, fireplace or others. Placing the large art works best for instant remodeling.

Double-duty furniture

The double-duty furniture will help you save the space. For example, you can use the bench for hiding the clutter. Or, try the hanging shelves that can save your small things and decorate the wall at the same time.

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Another thing to remember is making sure you pick the right size to each furniture and accessories.  Bulky items just eat the space and only reminds a messy room.

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