20+ Design Living Room For Small Space

It is not that difficult to design living room with small space. You have a plenty of design ideas for the living room which come to minimalist appearance as people most favorited. The minimalist model fits  any space and the easiness of how to care each item inside as you will not be stuck on the proportional placement. Meanwhile, you should be careful though to pick a correct item so your family can comfortably sit and gather around without being stuck in the tiny room. Here is a set of tips you can adapt from the designer living room furniture.

Design a living room with the right furniture

As you are limited on space, design living room with a big furniture is big matter. Choose the one that has a minimalist design. Try to avoid too much decoration to create a greater look. The one that has the neutral color palette is the best. For picking the accessories, trying to place artwork with large frame should spice up the look better.

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Design of living room in the most correct arrangement

After picking the best furniture, the arrangement will be the next factor to consider when you design living room. Keep in mind that you know how is the living room shaped whether it is square, oval or others. If the room tends to be lengthwise, choose a face-to-face arrangement.

Pick the neutral tone

The only problem people forget as they design living room is when picking the color. Do not choose the full-color furniture and accessories. The white one and other soft tones are best. It gives you a clear and large feel. Meanwhile, you can combine any other accessories with this color pick.

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Add plants

Put plants in the corner give depth to the small space. The lush green plants will make an illusion that there is another space behind it.

Use wallpaper and mirrors

If you have the small space and the small windows, this is a little disaster. One thing you can do is making a focal point with wallpaper and make a greater effect with mirrors. The mirror will effectively reflect the outside view.

That’s all our quick tips to design living room. For more references, just check our gallery about the designs for living room. Design living room should such a fun just like yo do when you pick a dress.

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