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20+ Dazzling Purple Living Room Accessories

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For some people, redecorate the room seems to be a tricky job with some plans and furniture to fix. But don’t worry, there is always shortcut to get the look changed dramatically in less effort. Experts always suggest the living room accessories! And we agree with them.

Purple living room accessories may be one of your choices to begin. It is fresh and epic! The dazzling purple might look girly, but you know everything will be manly and great as you know how to set it correctly. Check our tips bellow.

How to start with purple living room accessories

Start with the wall color

If you purchase the purple living room furniture like sofas, couches, and drapery. The next step you should think is the wall color. Well, this is a big matter as not all purple tone can be matched with any kind of wall color. For playing safe, the white and gray are the best as it can transform the purple energy into the room and make it as the focal point. Do not use any kind of lighter color except some accessories like green, soft color like pastel color. It works best to the purple.

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Rug choice

If you decide to color the wall with purple, consider the purple rug combined with white furniture. Some living room accessories like purple pillows work best to your living room appearance and it makes the overall items inside connected. Stay good on lighting. Placing the table lamp at the corner is a good idea. Low lighting at the night will glow your purple color.

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Then, it is not complete if you have no flowers on the table. As you have finished with the decoration, it is time to pick the flowers. You have any kind of flowers to choose. It always matches! Keep in mind the proportion to just connect it with overall theme including the living room accents. If you don’t like it, a small green tree  at the corner is always perfect.

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The dazzling living room accessories in purple can be found in our gallery bellow! One of them must be your favorite.

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