20+ Best Tricks Of Living Room Designs For Flats To Look Larger

As you are living in the pint-sized area, it doesn’t mean you go with the pint-sized living room design. There is living room design ideas for the flat you can pick with clever touches which you can adapt from the windows until the furniture arrangement. Check our living room design pictures. Check our tips how you can make the flats look bigger than usual.

Living Room Designs For Flats

Make the curvy dominate the room

It seems so boring to see the boxy apartment every day. Having fun with some curvy items will change the luck. Try the round tables, rugs, and chair. Don’t forget to find the ones that are designed with dots and spirals motives.

Lighten up the room

Do you know that most living room decoration designs always lightening up the arrangement? It can be your walls or some furniture. Take a light rug, for example, can work greatly to your living room designs. If you get the flat with the dark wall-to-wall carpeting, just do the simple trick by covering it with the lighter hue.

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Add dramatic curtain

Never leave the window with plain design without the curtain. A trick suggested by the expert is hanging the curtain outside the window. Don’t you believe it? Or, try the to hang it on the bare walls.


Living room designs for flats will be difficult if you try to place too many items in one place. Small spaces are limited for some bulky furniture and accessories. That’s why you need to pick your priority; what is your need?

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Floating it

Another way to deal with small living room designs is by creating the floating storage. At the sam time, you save the space. Apply one of living room design inspiration with floating storage.
Well, taking that tips is not enough. We have the living room design pictures to see bellow. Pick your favorite living room designs.

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