15 Top Contemporary Living Room Design

Thinking of the contemporary living room design is truly interesting for you who love simplicity inside the elegance. And yes, the only choice you are going to arrange is the living room furniture. This should be simple which mean lack of colors and accents. In the other hand, you should be careful on taking the right color palette. Most designers love to collect some magazine to test their ability to pick colors. I think it works best for just an exercise. However, playing colors to a home is not that simple. you have to consider the external factors like the landscape view, your home designs, your wall painting that is covered in a big theme. Here are quick tips how to redesign your room into contemporary living room design?

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How to create a contemporary living room design?

Things you should consider

Before you pick the living room furniture, just note that there are no fast rules to it. Some people, on the contrary, want a neutral set of contemporary living room furniture. In fact, they find their place as a plain boring set which needs some bold contemporary accents to break it.

Be careful with lighting. This thing has a double function to be decorative and functional. Therefore, set it correctly to make your room become more elegant and classy. Most contemporary design deal with the color scheme which tends to save colors. In this case, lighting plays important rules to avoid that plain result.

Another stuff to help you beautifying your living room is the rug. You can put it as a decorative accent.

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Think about your room function

A contemporary living room will work best as you know how this room will function to your family. Other minor factors like traffic space, lighting, furniture arrangements, those will be considered by the function. How you will bring the room. Maybe you want it to be a room for family¬† gathering and a place where you can welcome your guest. That’s all up to you, which you can arrange as good as possible based on the function.

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