15 Small Living Room Design Tips From Experts You Should Follow

Small living room decorating ideas will be so tricky for you who care about the style and the harmony of each component. Some designers like Jenna Pizzigati told to HGTV that filling the tiny room should avoid bulky items and opt to thin legs and open bottoms furniture. The project seems to be so complicated to create a larger feel while you have to include some important component that is impossible to leave. We compile some suggestions from expert to overcome the classical problem; budget and space crisis like these. Here are the lists on how you should make a stunning small living room design.

Experts’ Advice For Small Living Room Design

Small Living Room Chairs

The bulky should be gone! This will eat your space and of course, you will be so limited to place other elements like small storage, chairs and so on. Jenna Pizzigati is right which you should take the thin legs and open bottoms furniture that might create an illusion of a bigger room. Papasan chairs and egg chairs are options for modern small living room furniture. The idea should be slim and great at the same time.

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Simple Pattern And Three Colors Only

It is OK to play colors, but we think the soft tone will create a larger feel. As you have picked the right furniture design, then the next step will be the color behind the sofa. We suggest you take the same shades or take the neutral color like beige, gray and white. Those are super neutral to combine with anything. Play safe instead of taking a big risk. Besides, limiting the color palette to two or three different colors are still good just like the concept of small living room design made by Andrew Suvalsky.

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Take The Advantage Of Each Space

Small living room design doesn’t mean you have to leave some aspect like decoration. You can make floating shelves and place small plants also your books to decorate the living room. Transform awkward space into useful storage just like RMS Churinga advice.


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