Home Living Room Ideas 15+ Perfect Chairs For Your Living Room Lounge! Which One Is Yours?

15+ Perfect Chairs For Your Living Room Lounge! Which One Is Yours?


A living room lounge will be so much difficult to create a cause of formality. The idea of making your lounge is different due to its function to meet people who come into your house to come talk. Meanwhile, the are a bunch of varieties of a lounge chair with its styles and shapes. Even though your lounge living room is a formal space, comfort, beauty and elegance matter. Check our tips!

Living Room Lounge Chairs You Can Pick For Stunning Living Room

Get The Retro Styles With modern Arm Chair. Mid-century shape creates the best effect with low profile design and sturdy construction. It’s chic!

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Upholstered Accent Chair

The chair should not always be a solid color with beige tone or the bright one. You can opt upholstered accent chair to give cool touch in your living room lounge. It is gentle to comfort the guest and create the different feel of modish look with a contemporary accent. It is little bit old style, though, but you can have this item for a modern one.

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Opt or Pennie Chair For One-Person Couch

The pennie chair is basically unique as a one-person couch with its curvy and sleek design. This perfectly fits with any kind of room and let you arrange it in any position.

Swivel Chair

Another choice you can pick is the swivel chair that allows you to turn your base in any direction you want. This is perfect for your busy days with your guest.

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Egg Chair

Another comfortable long eliving room chair is the egg chair. Even though it tends to be a non-formal pair, but the egg chair will do its job to make your living room lounge so cozy while it feels so comfortable to sit.

There are still a bunch of choices you can see in our galleries. Just make sure you know your concept, size and also the budget. Check the galleries bellow.


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