Home Decoration Ideas 15+ Cheap Enclosed Patios Designs Ideas

15+ Cheap Enclosed Patios Designs Ideas

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So, is your front patio full of sunray? Or do you get it has installed on the roof? Or, do you want it to be covered for a more privacy but you are still thinking about budgeting? Don’t worry, you still have a hope. We have quick tips and solution for the cheap enclosed patios. We understand that living outdoor is more livable and you have a plenty of options. Now, you only need the creativity for completing the project. So we think that the finished material is a good bet.

Choice To Choose To Create Enclosed Patios

Install the storm doors

One way of enclosed patios ideas is installing the storm doors. The only way to have your patio closed while still can enjoy the open feel is using glass. Avoid to choose custom windows since it will drain your budget. Choose the salvaged storm doors instead. You will get half price lesser than that. You need to build a wooden frame for dividing the open area. Then, you can remove the doors hardware. After that, spray the doors frames in the same colors.  When you have finished, you can hang the door in the frame to make a windows wall.

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Installing screens

The similar effect you can get is by adding screens to keep the bugs out but you still can allow the light and air in. It has 30-36-inch of wide. You will need to build the rectangular frame, for top and bottom. Then fit your screen doors with the latches so it will make removable.

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This is the best option for you who really love a privacy. The enclosed patios are the best choice. So, long window shades for your enclosed patio designs is perfect. You just need to mount the shades on the top of the open patio sides. As they are extended, they will directly enclose your patio. Make sure to keep the blinds up to save it from the rough water. It will keep your patio from the sun and let you have a more private space.  For more enclosed patios, see our picture bellow!

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