15+ Antique Living Room Furnitures And How To Care It

So, are you the old furniture lover? Yes, you may think it as a treasure in your home so you should have a good care. At least, you should not make it be a granny outlook as you still want to keep your antique living room furniture.

Basically, the antique living room furniture is riskier for careless homeowners as it cannot be threatened just like the modern furniture. Meanwhile, the value of its stuff always increases. That’s why it is not suggested to use any modern furniture cleaner as it can change the outlook dramatically. So, as you are looking for tips to maintain your lovely house, here we give you some help to make it last longer than you can do in regular care.

Keeping the antique living room furniture

  • Some of you may have a place or a living room with too much sunlight exposure. But, your antique furnitures must be clean from this one. The ultraviolet will damage and degrade the material. Use curtains or filter to protect it well.
  • Besides, the vents, fireplaces, radiators and stoves are the ones to be avoided. Meanwhile, humidity also can change the outlook worse than before.
  • Secondly, an antique living room furniture that is made from the fabrics, leather, horsehair and upholstery might invite insects to come. It is stressful as you might find powder spread under the furniture where the insects are hiding inside creating holes. Buy products that you should apply to the exit holes. Some products are made in the form of a paste. Use a clean cloth to make your wood antique furnitures shiny. You should do this process at least once or more a year. Don’t forget to consult with the restoration specialist as wax cannot be applied to any antique living room furniture. Avoid silicone as it will penetrate the
  • In terms of moving and handling the furniture, ensure you know how to move it properly. When it comes to tables, move it by the apron. As long as you can, try to avoid any harsh move.
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