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10+ Ways To Spice Up Your Traditional Living Room Furniture


Whether you like it or not, a traditional living room offers great functions for both personal use or formal occasions. The only problem we have when setting this type of room is how to make the traditional living room furniture balance with another modern item as we accidentally place it there. Or, we are just supposed to do that. Then how?

Well, the principle of traditional furniture is staple items that you can find with sofa and table. The arrangement will go smoothly well when you place a set of the suitable furniture in a room. In case you buy the item separately, then you have problems on how to deal with them. Stay traditional, or skip your existed item behind the door and spend some money to get the same type.

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Today we are not trying to show you how to make your traditional living room set well, but we want to give you shortcuts when you just so stressful getting the wrong pair in the house. Check this!

How To Mix Your Traditional Living Room Furniture

Mix Period Furniture Without Creating A Chaotic Look

The same color palette will spice up the look instantly. Choose the color that blends well with your old furniture. You can place a modern seat against the sofa that has the same color palette. A classic wing chair combined with neutral Victorian-settee will be perfect. You can also place the modern sofa against one of them.

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Think About Brightening Up The Look Using Bold Color

The traditional living room furniture is identically made of wood resulting plain feel and rigid style. A tip from us, why don’t you play contrast? Your antique wooden furniture mixed with a tulip table and Barcelona chair will boost your mood. Also, you can place bright rug like pink tone will be so much better.

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Pick A Bold Old Traditional Living Room Furniture

A gold-framed traditional mirror can be so stunning as you place it against your modern sofas. Some minor items spice up the look perfectly. You can add the chandelier as well to emphasize the traditional accents in the room. To make a successful design with traditional living room furniture, the only problem you should fix then is only the balance. You just need to decide, which one will dominate the room. Classic or Modern? If you keep it in the same proportion, you only create a mess. What do you think?


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