10+ Simple Painting Living Room Ideas You Never Believe Can Change The Home Look

When most people thinking about furniture for living room modification, we think about another small factor; painting living room. The thought of living room color takes the major point of the change since it can bring the light in or somewhat beautiful view with small change. However, choosing color palette is not that simple. You might want to have formal, casual or anything. So, you have to decide how the living room wall will match with your furniture and lighting section. Besides, you must think that your living room should represent your personality. Here are some tips you can consider for your home!

Painting Living Room: How To Choose Perfect Color?

Neutral Colors

If you want to play safe on painting living room, having brown and tan combination is a good choice. Bright hues with the same palette will not bring the look in a mess. You then can place furniture with the same color scheme or add simple bright accessories to emphasize your theme.

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Deep Hues

We get this step from HGTV telling the deep hues like purple will create another vibe. You then can pair it with beige with ombre purple for your painting living room project. It also applies for the beige sofa completed with a purple pillow. Deciding to place the small plant on the table will live the look. Another purple combination you can try is gray. Keep in mind that the two-toned drapery will keep your living room into the dark section.

Aqua paired with white sand

If you wish a beach atmosphere, why not? You can combine the aqua and with sand to create the look. You can opt the  aqua for the wall and choose the ivory white or sandy beach color for the accessories. It will be so perfect!

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Basically, choosing the right color on painting living room is how to connect your floor, furniture and the wall. If you have got your rug, sofas, and other furniture in colors, you just need to take one of them you like to apply on the wall. Or, if you don’t just take the neutral one, or the same shades so your room will not overwhelm.

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